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AMF Bowling Pinbusters! for the N-Gage

The thrill of the lanes is in your hands with AMF Bowling Pinbusters! Choose from 12 unique characters and play in 12 colorful locations, all in fantastic 3D. Take on the challenge alone with four single player game modes:  World Cup, Precision, Practice and Duckpins. Compete against players in the same room or across the globe to become the World Cup bowling champion. With the new and revised one-finger play, a variety of locations and player selections, un-lockable features, and live multiplayer, AMF Bowling Pinbusters! is better than ever! Bowl “On-The-Go” and take your bowling anywhere with AMF Bowling Pinbusters!

AMF Bowling Pinbusters! features:

  • Bowl in exotic locations such as the Route 66, Spielgasse, Hong Kong Penthouse Palace, Studio 77, Ten-pin Shrine, Highland Bowling, Deep Space Lanes and more!
  • Choose from 12 unique characters, each with their own signature move.
  • Experience multiplayer fun with Hot Seat or with the global N-Gage Arena Multiplayer & Rankings.
  • Challenge yourself with four single-player modes including: World Cup, Precision, Duckpins, or Practice.
  • Unlock key character features such as special bowling balls & shoes.
  • Use the Psyche meter to build Psyche points and unleash the "Special Move" with its unstoppable strike 'em down power!


AMF Bowling Pinbusters! now available on the Nokia N-Gage.







AMF Bowling Pinbusters!